Allison Tremain · Current Installation

Allison Tremain’s current installation of lino-cut block prints have been getting a lot of attention. As an emerging artist she’s been selected as the 2012 WhaleFest Poster Artist (quite an honour in this area).

This type of printmaking is a very traditional practice, carving each color in succession into a sheet of linoleum ( or a wooden block) and applying the wet ink to it’s surface. The paper is then laid onto the wet ink and burnished with a roller transferring the ink one color at a time to the paper forming the final image. Once a block has been used there is no turning back; the block isn’t typically reusable, and the number of prints in the edition has to be pre-determined at the application of the first color. Each print is hand made and no two prints are identical.

Allison’s work is shown framed at the gallery but these and other images are also available unframed.

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