Thomas Schmidt

Tom works in most mediums but prefers stone, most notably marble, since 1970. Starting in the early ’60’s shaping surfboards and working in clay, he soon realised he would be shaping things all his life. He welcomes commissions and encurages people to be part of the process. Born and raised in Southern California and growing up on the beach he used what was around him for inspiration, waves and surfing. Being a lifelong surfer it was only natural that carving waves is his specialty.

Tom says that if his work evokes an emotion, whether a smile or a frown, warmth or a shiver he considers it a success.

People need to lighten up, and when viewing my work you can forget about your worries for a while, If a piece works it should keep you feeling good for years, sculpture is medicine”

Tom’s Art is found in collections around the world.

    Public Art;

  • Bamfield Marine Science Center.

  • Days of the Arts in Bamfield
  • Artists in Action at the Wickaninnish Inn, Tofino
  • Rollin Art Center, Port Alberni
  • People’s gallery in Parksville
  • Cloudbreak Gallery in Bamfield
  • WhaleFest (P.R.A.S. ArtSplash), Ucluelet
  • Ocean Park Library, Ocean Park

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Karen Pidcock


Was just introduced to you, by my Kaslo friends & neighbours for the next 3 months: Bobbi & Peter Huber, so was curious to find out if I could see some of your art. I really admire it. The angular piece reminds me of a small clay piece I did once. The rounded ones. Just cry out to be embraced. Thanks for your beautiful creativity…don’t stop! Bobbi, with whom I play piano duets, or walk, told me that Peter had inspired you…many years ago, a great artist as well!

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