About the Artists

I know and respect each of the artists represented in the gallery, some I have worked with for many years, others have come to know me recently, through the gallery. I try not to limit the works to any specific genre, scale or medium despite my own personal biases.

It’s an absolute pleasure to admire, display, sell artwork that I’m genuinely enthusiastic about. I feel that I have an obligation to source out artists who are working on things ‘greater than themselves’, and to support significant contributions to Canadian art.

Many visitors are amazed to learn how many artists are from Vancouver Island or who travel here to paint, study, vacation and sometimes to disappear for a while.

Charles Villiers seldom offers explanation of his work. He prefers to remain a bit of a mystery, leaving the viewer to form their own opinions of his art. Prolific painter, sculptor and more recently digital media artist, he’s made a transition that many artists struggle with; the process of making your art in different mediums without loosing your style. Somehow even highly technical compositions retain a bit of the innocence of his earlier figurative and nonobjective works. It’s not unlike the way you can still sometimes see the boy within a man.

Marla Thirsk – is known as Ucluelet’s artist, and I’d have to say she’s so much more. Almost every art event, function, group in the area has benefited directly from Marla’s help. The Whale Festival posters have been a calling card of hers for years. I’m pleased to have shown several exciting series of hers.

Joan Larson – renowned for her equine (horse) Illustrations, she works almost exclusively in pastels. We’re very pleased to showcase her local landscapes, and the opportunity to publicly unveil her stunning RCMP Musical Ride Series, destined to be recognized as a great Canadian effort.

Peggy Burkosky – Known as a advanced watercolorist, Peggy is an capable painter in any medium. Her paintings have a sincerity about them, a true reflection of her island life. Sea scape scenes often include her daughter, family, or Bob’s fish boat, they are stunning paintings and portraiture. She teaches her secrets at the Old School House in Parksville.

Carole Finn brings a fresh impressionistic perspective to the area. She paints with a confidence acquired by her life’s experiences. Her Large scale depictions of the wild pacific trail
invite us to explore the peninsula with eager eyes.

Bruce Muir is a very capable technical painter, who’s sensitivities as a wildlife artist have translated into subtle refined landscapes and coastal depictions. He’s a man who has spent enough time at the water’s edge to notice the things that most people never see, and who is capable of conveying that experience to the viewer.

Katsumi Kimoto grew up here, he’s as comfortable in Ucluelet as his artwork is in contemporary urban galleries. He lives in the interplay between abstraction and representational depictions of west coast life.

Thomas Schmidt and his wife, Judy, spend many years in Bamfield ,  have recently relocated to Ucluelet. Tom’s sculpture utilizes local Marble and Granite and usually reflect the easy going attitude that he himself exudes.  Judy’s aluminum mobiles are similarly light hearted.