It Takes a Village to Raise One

Ucluelet Secondary School Raises Totem Pole

Hjelmar Wenstob (grandson of Whiskey Landing’s architect Wayne Wenstob) played a prominent role in this pole’s creation and in it’s raising. Local carver Clifford George who oversaw the carving of the pole at the school was proud to see it raised. The Pole is located facing Penninsula Road in front of Ucluelet Seconday School and was raised with a traditional blessing, and the support of the whole community.

Why an eagle, a bear and a whale?, we chose a character that would represent the sky above us, a character to represent the earth we walk on, and a character that would represent the water that surrounds us. The air, earth and water are critical to our daily life on the West Coast.”

~ Hjalmer Wenstob

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