Rob Elphinstone – Feature Artist at Nanaimo Art Gallery

Butchart Gardens II by Rob Elphinstone

Downtown Nanaimo Art Gallery, December 16th, 2010 to January 8th, 2011

Rob Elphinstone specializes in capturing the beauty of the Canadian west coast through his textured wild flowing landscapes.

The exhibition at the Nanaimo Art Gallery will include landscape paintings from across Vancouver Island and mainland BC. He delights in the process of laying down textured brushstrokes to mimic the wild and random nature of the west coast. This gives his art an unusual look that distinguishes it from most landscape depictions. His “actualism” oil paintings and “reverse perspective” 3D works reflect the belief that our senses reveal only a shadow of what is actually in the world. Rather than painting to convey an emotional state like expressionist art, actualism art instead is an attempt to paint the portion of nature a photograph cannot capture.

Flow and movement is essential to the realization of this idea and can be seen in his paintings of forests, seascapes and the manicured Butchart Gardens. His award winning art can be found in galleries and collections in Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Australia, and the U.S. as well as museums in Turkey, Poland and Russia.

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