Mark Penney Gallery awards $10K worth of original artwork in Aquarium Fundraiser.

Joan Larson and Ken Kirkby, two of Canada’s finest artists, donated original works to be awarded to the highest contributors in Ucluelet Aquarium’s recent fund raising efforts.
In October, Joan Larson unveiled her RCMP Musical Ride Series in Ucluelet at the Community Center. She was joined by artist Ken Kirkby who exhibited his iconic Canadian painting Isumataq. Isumataq was originally unveiled in the House of Commons in 1992, and was instrumental in the ratification of Nunavut.

Joan’s RCMP Musical Ride Series is to be exhibited across Canada, making a statement of national pride and heritage. Visit the site for event details and to view the series online. Congratulations, and our many thanks go out to Mainstream Canada for their generosity, and to the many people who have contributed to the Aquarium.

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