C’mon down to UKEE DAYS!

C’mon down to UKEE DAYS! – Fun for the whole family
Bullhorning, town crier style, in the morning is a tradition that goes way way back, as a kid I can remember being woken up way too early for a lazy summer day.
This year events included a wheel barrow race (replicating the tradition of unloading cargo at Whiskey Dock and hauling it up Main Street hill to the store by wheelbarrow).
The Ucluelet sports day it grew from has been an authentic celebration here for longer than anyone can remember… Last year a very senior lady visiting Ucluelet with her family via the Francais Barkley explained that she grew up in Kildonen ( a fishing village 1/2 way down Alberni inlet from here). She said that her father had brought her here the same way for ‘Ukee sports day’ when she was 11 years old. She had participated in several events, won a ribbon and a pencil. and remarked that she still has the pencil.

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