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Rob Elphinstone specializes in capturing the beauty of the Canadian west coast through his textured wild flowing landscapes. His art reflects the belief that our senses reveal only a shadow of what we truly experience. Rob believes that the beauty of a place is hardly ever replicated in a photo or a video. Our senses take in a fraction of what we perceive about the world. This tiny fraction is the shadow of what is really there.
Good art should not have to be about what the inner psyche experiences or displaying perfectly what is optically there but should be about the unseen reality that everyone feels. Every one of his art pieces reflects the premise that creative art stems from what is truly evident in nature rather than the shadow that can be photographed.
The term “Actualism art” is used to distinguish this art form from the emotionally based “expressionism” trend. Reality is more than just the sum our emotional impressions and the sense detection of an external scene. The realism art discipline attempts to capture the latter and expressionism the former.
Rob Elphinstone’s version of Actualism art allows that the observer can interpret the “actual” and create works that capture the essence of the observed in a fundamental way.
 The process of laying down textured brushstrokes helps capture the elusive nature so evident when we look outside. The textured brushstrokes give the paintings a unique look. This technique yields a complexity that mimics nature and that permeates every portion of the pieces he creates.  From a distance, the painting comes together through form as a coherent whole, but each portion catches the eye in a manner that draws the viewer into it.

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“… I see the Vincent influence, but your art evokes the brushwork of Soutine and I see  a distinct passionate style influenced by nature… This man’s art is going to find a huge public appreciation in the future.” – W. Matthews, a Vancouver collector

“His paintings radiate light from a hidden painful world, creating a natural atmosphere of intimacy. Combining thousands of colors in constant dynamism, sky, water and vegetation seem grouped to dance to the beat of your pulse, full of feelings and passions. His art is called “Actualism Art” as a testimony of a key reality that the author reflects in his work.”
Ricardo César Lescano Grosso, Art Critic, Argentina.

Selected Juried Exhibitions:
Artists for Peace, International Art Action, Dolmabahce State Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009

Art on Record, APW Gallery, NYC, USA, 2009

VI International Festival of Experimental Art, Manege Museum of Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2008.

American Sandwich, Piano Living Gallery, Lecce, Italy, 2008.
Smiles Exhibition, Royal Castle, Warsaw Poland, 2008.
NHU 25th Anniversary Fiesta, National Hispanic University, San Jose, USA, 2007.

Nuit Blanche, ACA Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2007.
VIII International  “Dialogues” Biennial of Modern Art, Manege Museum of Contemporary Art,  Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2007. 

1st International Art Biennial of Sorocaba, Espaços Públicos da cidade de Sorocaba, Scorocaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2007.
Reflections, ACA Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2006
Urban Eyes Art Exhibition, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, Canada, 2006.
Landscapes and Timescapes, ACA Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2006. 

 Global Fusion, Toronto Photographic Festival, ACA Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2006.
Premio Internazionale D’Arte San Valentino, Vico del Gargano, Italy, catalogue, February 11-19, 2006.

 In the Footsteps of Jules Verne, Decourtenay  Galleries, Chatelet, Belgium, 2006


LANDSCAPES,  Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy, 2005
DIVINE CELEBRATIONS OF SPIRIT, ACA Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2005.

TESTOSTERONE – A MAN’S TRADE, Covent Garden Fine Art Gallery, Wellington, Canada, 2005

Feature Artist, Oakleaf Gallery, Chemainus, Canada, 2005.

Open House, Studio 737, Tweed, Canada, 2005.
Feature Artist, Fat Cat Fine Art, Victoria, Canada 2005.

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Dear Mark.

I have an original Rob Elphinstone painting from 2004 I think.
Do you know where I could sell it?


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