marlaMarla Thirsk was born in Vancouver, B.C. and showed an early apptitude for art by drawing in the cover pages of her father’s university books at the age of 2. She went on from there winning the “Art in the Parks” award at 11 and being displayed in the Vancouver Art Gallery. Although she has never had ‘formal’ art training, she has continuously taught herself from books.
Her Art career really started when she decided to change her life around by believing in herself and following her life-long dream of being a professional artist. Since then she has created award winning posters for the Whale Festival, Edge to Edge Marathon, Ukee Days and just finished one for the Tofino Food and Wine Festival. She has designed logos and costumes and done set design. She was president of the Pacific Rim Arts Society for 6 years running.. She has painted every mural in her town of Ucluelet but 1 and continues to be a major figure in the planning of local Art Events. She has worked in all mediums but oil. Her works have sold and gone worldwide.
She proudly wears the title of “Town’s Artist”.
Original paintings in the island’s juried art shows have been a staple venue for her. Lively portraits inspired by old photos of her mother from the 30’s to early 60’s and old French postcards of the 1800’s and early 1900’s have found her ‘own’ unique style. Recently she has reconnected with local scenery bringing a fresh color palette to established local landscapes.
For a more comprehensive look at her work, please visit her online or see her work at Mark Penney Gallery in Ucluelet. Marla’s blog  Marla Thirsk on Facebook

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