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Ken KirkbyAs a child in Europe, Ken Kirkby chose painting as his life’s work, forsaking formal education for the passion of creation. Arriving in Canada in 1958, he quickly made his way north. Five years living among Inuit, traveling with Canada’s native people, enthralled by the environment.
Returning from the north, Kirkby settled in British Columbia. Here his paintings of wildlife and stylized landscapes have struck a chord with viewers and have been met with success.
In the Early eighties, he brought his message to Toronto, to reach a larger audience with images of the north. Today his landscapes are found in prestigious collections worldwide; the speaker of the House of Commons, The Royal Family, the government of Portugal, various diplomats and dignitaries have recognized his contribution to the art world, and to Canada.
Living and painting in Bowser, a small community nestled in the heart of Vancouver Island. Ken Kirkby brings alive the environment around him.
Known to have painted the largest painting known; Isumataq is an astounding 12′ high and 153′ long, and was unveiled in the Parliment Buildings in Ottowa
Since 1971, Kirkby has been featured in numerous shows, among them;
Galleria de Arte, Madrid Spain
Alex Fraser Galleries, Vancouver BC
Morgan Fine Art Galleries, Edmonton Alberta
Queen Elizabeth Theater, Vancouver BC
Gainsborogh Galleries, Calgary Alberta
Gallerie Fore, Winnipeg Sask.
Humewood 11 Art Gallery,Toronto, Ont.
Columbus Centre Art Gallery,Toronto, Ont.
J.D. Carrier Art Gallery, Toronto,Ont.

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Hi Mark,

I met You few year sa GO at your gallery. I was in a trip for dragon boat championship in Victoria.
I follow You since that, I always looking to acquiere à Ken Kirkby painting.
Tell me How to see You his recent paintings!

Best regards

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