Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards, Ucluelet's Sculptor

Jeff Edwards is a sculptor who lives and works in Ucluelet on Vancouver Island’s west coast. He is a native of B.C. with roots tracing back to Europe. He is also a commercial fisherman from a long line of fisherman on his father’s side stretching to Nfld. Many of his sculptures reflect his ocean environment and the wild area where he grew up.

Jeff began sculpting in native species of wood. He was inspired to start sculpting in marble by the beauty of the local Clayoquot Sound marble deposits.

Each sculpture starts with Jeff trekking around the mountainside to find a stream run boulder to suit the subject and bringing it back to his studio. No piece is ever identical in colour or pattern for this reason. He finishes each sculpture  to perfection and hand polishes to a natural hard lustre.
About his work:
“My subjects are often inspired by my background, but their poses may catch me by surprise, suddenly appearing, perhaps echoing my own inner state at the time. Sometimes they work their way out of the stone, changing as I go. They are seldom meticulously sketched, modeled, or blueprinted in advance. I feel my better sculptures just pop up, which of course they didn’t.”
“I enjoy the physical work with the marble, revealing its colours, watching the subject come alive under the diamond blade. Usually the finished piece falls short of the original vision so I go on to another although in someone else’ eyes I may have succeeded. I enjoy the process of juggling and combining the elements of balance and rhythm, colour, line and curve into the finished sculpture. There is a real pleasure in the craftsmanship”.
“The real quest however, is to capture that original emotion in the stone so that I can look at the finished sculpture and say ,”yes that’s what I wanted to express.”

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