5 Reasons To Skip Tofino & Head For Ucluelet

In an article posted by Mara Gulens on AOL Travel :

5 Reasons to Skip Tofino & Head for Ucluelet on Vancouver Island.


 Whiskey Landing houses Mark Penney’s eye-popping art gallery – signs Ukee is up-and-coming. And the excellent dinner at Norwoods Restaurant made me swear never to say good food and good ambience can only be found in big cities. In fact, our trek to Ukee was undeniably influenced by the opening of the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort, which literally sits on the treacherous rocks that have caused dozens of shipwrecks. The huge hotel is bringing in a new spate of guests (us included), and sits amidst a development which, given an improving economy, will likely bring even greater change to the area. The New York Times included it in its list of 31 Places to Go in 2010. Enough said. Head to Ucluelet now. But what’s truly remarkable about Ucluelet is the natural environment. This is not about the sand and mountain views of Tofino. It’s more rugged. And, unlike Tofino, the beauty isn’t obvious the minute you step out of your car.

The article’s top reasons to head to Ukee.:

1. Wild Pacific Trail
2. Broken Group Islands
3. Sea kayaking
4. Ucluelet Mini Aquarium
5. The Beaches

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